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Dog Blanket and Pet Gifts by RoverWrap


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A blanket for small-breed dogs that's designed for comfort, and
for retaining body heat.

Why a RoverWrapTM?

If you've been searching for the perfect blanket for your little best friend, you've come to the right place!

RoverWrapTM blankets are the ultimate security blanket for small-breed dogs and cats; they make traditional flat blankets seem obsolete.

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Our pet blankets aren't flat – your pet goes
IN a RoverWrap


These Blankets are so unique, they're patented!

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Made from washable Polyester Suede and/or cozy Fleece 
for long wear and easy care.

If your little dog is lying on top of a blanket, it might make for soft bedding, but it's pretty useless for retaining body heat. The same is true if your dog is always wiggling out from under a flat blanket; they're not staying warm and secure.

Here are other benefits of having your pet IN their blanket, and not under it, or on it:

  • They won't wiggle out when they need or want to be covered.
  • They won't slip out of a RoverWrapTM when you're carrying them, as they might with a flat blanket -- a definite safety concern.
  • They stay-put on your lap easier.
  • They feel safe and secure, being encased in the softness. 

If your fur baby is still using an old-fashioned flat blanket, or a hand-me-down baby blanket, they're really missing out.

Our fur babies rely on us to provide for their basic needs and to look out for their best interests.

What good is a blanket that doesn't keep your furry friend feeling warm, safe, secure, and comfortable?


A warm and cozy blanket isn't just for winter months.
Make sure you think of your chilly dog in
air conditioned rooms and vehicles, too.

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Here are some other uses for our quality handmade pet blankets:

  • It will keep them warm after a bath.
  • It calms them on the ride to and from a dog show, veterinary, or grooming appointment.
  • Helps to keep them still and quiet after surgery or during illness.
  • Keeps shedding and claws off your lap, clothing, and furniture.
  • Helps to calm them when frightened or anxious in stressful situations.
  • It gives them a warm and safe place to sleep while traveling in a car, motor home, or on a plane.

It only makes sense to have your little dog in a blanket with as much function as fashion.

There's only one RoverWrapTM Dog Blanket -- it's destined to become the next must-have pet accessory; make sure your pet doesn't get left out in the cold.

Get one for home and one to keep on the boat, at the cabin, in the car, or in their carrier. Your fur baby will thank you; makes a perfect gift for that pampered pet, or for the pet-lovers in your life.

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